About us
14 Jun, 2016


At bitjam we understand the challenges of using the most appropriate technologies, that is why we work in partnership with clients to research and develop innovative solutions that meets their needs. The key to success is in the quality of the relationship between bitjam and our clients, many companies recommend us based on our ability to work in partnership.

Agile methods

We work in an Agile way with clients which allows a highly flexible and interactive approach to developing solutions which get visible results quickly.

Using an Agile approach to development guarantees that the software solution matches and in most cases exceeds your requirements.


Technology changes at a rapid rate with many of the newer technologies reducing the cost of developing and deploying software solutions. We use technologies such as AngularJS, Node.js, React.js, PHP and MYSQL daily.

We also provide and maintain Cloud server technologies for our clients.

We have a 1 minute video that tells a little more about bitjam ltd