We help organisations in the healthcare, education and business sector through the digital transformation of services. Our ethos is to work in partnership with service users to develop technologies that meet their needs.


Agile Development

We work in an Agile way with clients which allows a highly flexible and interactive approach to developing solutions which get visible results quickly. 

Development best practices

We utilise best practice in the type of services and products we provide that help organisations to digitally transform their services.


Our team has expertise in a wide range of areas and clients can benefit from our down-to-earth consultation and advice service.


Why us

Our technology solutions are currently supporting growing businesses and improving the way that education and healthcare are delivered. We work with our clients in a co-operative and co-productive manner with an aim to find the right technology to suit your company’s needs.

We have a deep understanding of web and mobile technologies gained through research. The knowledge we have gained helps us to develop products that improve business and create a better society.

Strategic technology partnerships

We provide strategic technology partnerships across the business, healthcare and education sectors. We have worked with a range of organisations, including; Telecoms, Universities, Museums, the NHS, Department of Health, Manufacturing and Charities.

  • We’ve vastly improved our online courses and the way we use digital technology in our work. You achieved all of the objectives and targets set out in the brief. Thank you bitjam.


    Nic Gratton
    Nic Gratton
    Senior Lecturer
  • Their infectious energy inspires the people they work with to explore new ideas and new social technologies.

    Clare-Marie White
    Clare-Marie White
  • Moving from dense data to meaningful, accessible knowledge is often one of the biggest challenges in research projects. Bitjam’s ideas and technical abilities mean that data can be represented in new and insightful ways. From qualitative to quantitative data sets, bitjam can represent data through fantastic visuals whilst communicating core findings of the data being shown.


Message from our CEO:

“Technology is playing a key role in the way that business is run and services such as healthcare and education are delivered. We are seeing a huge cultural shift towards using digital tools to improve lives and working practices.

At bitjam we understand the challenges that many organisations and individuals face getting the most value out of technologies. That is why we work in partnership with organisations and individuals to develop solutions that work and are easy to integrate alongside existing technologies.”