Digital skills for jobs

The rise of technologies such as mobile telephones, gaming consoles and social media in the last decade has meant that this generation of young people have grown with the changes and developments in technology, with the majority interacting with social media and other technologies on an

bITjAM is teaming up with Staffordshire University and University of Barcelona by building a toolkit for the ‘Residency’ project.

‘Residency’ is a 2 year project funded by the EU that aims to explore the use of the artist residency model to help develop vocational opportunities for artists. The project is

We are currently working with numerous clients on defining and designing digital toolkits. We are seeing an increasing demand from business professionals and academics for developers to design toolkits.

We are currently exploring the concept of digital toolkits and through a number of projects have learned a fair bit on the

The Google Glass Explorer Programme has been available in the UK for a couple of months now and we’ve got our hands on a couple of pairs here at bITjAM, you can see our initial thoughts on them here.

We’re very excited to be holding the first Glass Explorer event