Educational software to communicate with students via a learning management app

Stoke on Trent Sixth form college


December 2015


Mobile Application



Bitjam collaborated with City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth form College to transform the way that teachers and staff communicated with students. The college wanted to make the transition from traditional printed timetables and develop their digital communications by introducing a mobile app that connected students to the learning management system.


Bitjam worked closely with the college to gain a deep understanding of the successes of traditional communication, in order to apply useful features to the app.

An educational app for iOS, Android and Windows was designed and developed. The app comprised of several features, including scheduling and task management, the app named “Logga” provides students with a range of digital tools to assist them in their education.

Alongside the app we also developed a web based platform for schools and colleges to send messages and upload timetable data in XML format that instantly updated the app.

Logga provides:

  • A dashboard which includes an “At-a-Glance” timetable reminder – perfect for the student in a hurry!
  • A detailed lesson timetable
  • Personnel to-do list
  • Notes from education providers
  • A simple process for schools and colleges to upload data to Logga data server, even accepting MS excel data


  • Messaging system
  • Personal Progress tracking
  • Task management
  • Lesson management

The Logga Software is being used across the college to communicate:

  • Lessons
  • Important messages
  • Progress statistics

To update the app instantly, the system allows educators to easily drag and drop data into the platform.

Logga has been designed for easy installation and customisation for education providers and HR staff across a variety of public sector organisations, and is available on iOS, Android and Microsoft app stores.