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A New App to Help Young People Develop Work Experience

October 8, 2015

bITjAM will be speaking at this year’s Skills Show, the nation’s largest skills and careers event. The free event will be held at the Birmingham NEC between November 19 and 21. Carl Plant, CEO of bITjAM will use the opportunity to introduce young people to digital tools that can help them find the job of their dreams. bITjAM will be speaking on the Spotlight stage at 13:20 on Saturday, November 21.

bITjAM is developing a new cloud based app and web service to aid young people in their search for relevant work experience. The app, called Passport, works as a digital companion to the traditional CV and enables young people to find, apply for and record their work experience digitally. The app gives each user an account they can personalise and maintain even after leaving education. So far, Passport is planned to trial with a number of schools and colleges in the Staffordshire area and can be made available to schools around the country for a small fee. Interested schools can get in touch with bITjAM on [email protected]

“For young people with little working experience and often just predicted grades, limitations of what they can include in a CV make the job seeking process difficult,” explained Plant. “The traditional CV format means that recording unpaid experience and work placements is often complicated and doesn’t always transfer well onto paper.

“Modern businesses are looking for employees with skills beyond their core subject knowledge. Digital natives are expected to be able to use a variety of platforms and apps as part of their daily lives, which is why digital portfolio tools are the obvious choice for help recording relevant skills and experiences in a way employers understand.”

The Skills Show is an annual event by Find a Future, a registered charity that aims to give young people in the UK a chance to unlock their potential and prepare them for further education, apprenticeships and employment. Visitors are welcomed to register online to book their free place for this year’s Skills Show.

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