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bitjam is moving to the Spode Artist studios

July 26, 2016

Bitjam is moving to the Spode Artist studios based at the Spode Works in Stoke on Trent. New address is:

Studio 31 Spode works Elenora Street ST41QD

The decision was made to join the growing number of artists, designers and film makers taking up the 43 studios based at the regenerated pottery works site.

This is an exciting time for the creative industries in Staffordshire with the promise of a eclectic mix of businesses moving into the studios, forming new ventures and cross pollination of ideas and projects.

During 2015 and 2016 the business has slowly transformed and focused much more on creative web and mobile app development for Education, healthcare, tourism and heritage projects. Many of our clients are now based across the EU and associate staff based across the UK.

Our work regularly involves bringing together creative media, interactive hardware, data and software to build smart solutions for clients. For bitjam moving into Spode arts studios this means access to graphic designers, film producers and fellow creative media experts to work collaboratively on projects as well as sharing learning on web, mobile and interactive technologies.

The move is ongoing due to maintaining focus on live projects however during the next few weeks we will share more news from Studio 31 our new home.