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Bitjam is now available on GCloud12!

October 8, 2020

GCloud12 is a UK government framework for software providers that enables UK public bodies such as local authorities and NHS organisations to buy services, without the need for a full tendering process.

The framework is managed by Crown Commercial Services, aimed at improving the government’s procurement and commercial activities. So, GCloud12 is THE place to be, for companies who are thinking about selling their cloud-based solutions to the UK government.

Bitjam limited, software development service

CCS Supplier

Here is what it means

As a supplier on the Digital Marketplace, Bitjam Ltd is available on GCloud12 under the Cloud Software Services category for Co-produced software development services.


Bitjam is an ethical software company that develops innovative solutions for web, mobile, IoT and AI systems. We are a highly experienced team using co-production and agile methodology, focusing on accurately fit the needs of the users. With proven experience in developing multi-national public sector systems that have a social impact.

Read our Service Description on the GCloud12 Digital Marketplace.

Benefits of GCloud12

Its the first time we’ve applied to become part of this framework. As an SME we are pretty excited about being included to provide our cloud software services on the Digital Marketplace.

It’s a great cost-effective way for the public sector to procure technology easily, and quickly. Instead of months, G-Cloud procurement can be cut down to weeks if not days.

Bitjam limited, software development service

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