Afsar Jafree, Consultant Ophthalmologist

19 Oct, 2020

Mr Afsar Jafree is a leading Ophthalmologist in his field, and a key innovator within East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust (EKHUFT).

He was the first to use WebEx for video conferencing within his day to day medical work, and his colleagues soon followed suit. This has been successfully used in meetings throughout the hospital, not to mention the invaluable training with other ophthalmology staff and medical students. WebEx provides secure web conferencing, with screen sharing capabilities, and cross device compatibility, which has been essential for the diverse NHS workforce.

Like many trusts, EKHUFT have embraced Attend Anywhere software for patient appointments. Mr Jafree has been explaining complex Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) retinal scans to patients over video call and has received many positive comments.  He feels the ability to use video is so much better than a traditional, audio only, phone call.

Mr Jafree is also championing electronic patient records for ophthalmology. When it is launched in the coming months, this electronic record will bring together all hospital eye records, and also hold vital OCT images. The Kent Ophthalmology Record (KOR) will be for all participating trusts within the Kent & Medway area, high street optometrists, general practitioners, screening services and private providers across the county.

The county wide KOR is based on the open source software ‘OpenEyes’. This large project will provide connected care through technology to streamline referrals, image sharing and improve feedback. Using open source software designed from the ground up by clinicians themselves, makes an extremely cost-effective option, whilst ensuring the application development prioritises the clinician’s requirements.

By recording data in real-time, the KOR will undoubtedly improve patient safety and quality of care. The whole team working on this forward-thinking project, have been totally focussed on providing the best care for the patients of Kent and Medway and allowing the medical and admin workforces to become more time and cost-efficient, with the added benefit of no more paper records being needed.

Mr Jafree has plans for Community Imaging Hubs within local optometrists.  With all the required information in the OCT scans, hospital staff can triage patients virtually and invite patients into the hospital only when necessary, without the need for unnecessary visits.

While this approach to Digital Hospital Eye Services was in discussion, it might not have been developed with such speed, had it not been for the Covid-19 crisis.

Well done to Afsar and the all the teams involved!

data to intelligence

Smart with your Heart: Data Analysis Dashboard

24 Oct, 2019

Alongside our work with the partners of the Innovate UK testbed project Smart with your Heart, we were delighted to be able to facilitate their data analysis with a purpose-built dashboard for all data to be processed, integrating with University Hospital of North Midlands Trust’s (UHNM) Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) system.

Bitjam won the contract to evaluate the Smart with your Heart service because of our expertise with Big Data. Our dashboard imports data from the HES system, community services provided by Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and the 3 digital technologies partners.

Future additions to the service will be data from GP surgeries in the area, which will be a groundbreaking achievement, to bring together primary and secondary healthcare data.

It has been a complex Information Governance (IG) task, and Bitjam have worked closely with the IG team at UHNM. Hosted on the Hospitals mainframe system. Our valuable healthcare experience has enabled us to create a robust, user-friendly and IG compliant piece of software which we are proud of.

The dashboard’s aim is to see in real-time how the service is doing, and if it is meeting its Key Performance indicators (KPIs). In essence, it allows clinicians and management the ability to see how many patients are signed up and using the system and of those patients how many have been able to manage their condition in the community and prevent readmittance into hospital.

Data dashboard bitjam

Please note: This image is exclusively for demonstration purposes and is NOT a reflection of current project data.

The data will be academically evaluated by two participating universities, Staffordshire University and University of East Anglia. They will have access to anonymised data to perform their analysis. An interim report is due to be published before this pilot project ends. Once full data analysis has taken place, then a full report, including a medical journal article, will be published for public view.

This project has been a great challenge which all the team at Bitjam has really enjoyed developing. We have worked hard with UHNM to ensure this is a robust system and feel it is a big achievement.

For future healthcare project work, get in touch with us in the new Smart Innovation Hub at Keele University.


Smart with your Heart: Digital Health Technologies

24 Oct, 2019

Digital Health Technologies

Collaborating is in our blood. Partnering with like-minded businesses is how we work, enabling us to improve lives, especially in the healthcare sector.

Funded by Innovate UK, Bitjam has partnered with a large hospital trust, and three innovative health technology companies to deliver ‘Smart with your Heart’.

The £1.2 million project at University Hospitals of North Midlands (UHNM) is enabling heart failure patients to better care for themselves and prevent readmissions into the hospital.

With the support of community staff at Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, 300 patients are piloting 3 digital health technologies:

Florence is a telehealth SMS service powered by Bitjams software and Simpletelehealths methodology. It enables patients to respond to text messages asking how they are feeling compared to their last text message – same, better or worse, or ask how they are against a professionally designed symptom checker. Information is collated by the telehealth co-ordinator and circulated to clinicians if necessary.

Recap Health is an online health library holding videos and information tailored to patients’ need and condition, aiding self-managed care.

“Patients are better informed and better able to self care effectively”

Recap Health

“So far, the technology is working. I’m still on the recovery path but using Florence and the Recap Health means I don’t have to keep going back to hospital and I feel that there is help and support should I need it.”

Kelly, patient

he final tool in the box of these heart failure patients is i-Navigator . A social prescribing tool, which is a key component in the NHS vision of Universal Personalised Care. Patients can be easily referred to link workers from range of local health and public service agencies. Self-referral is encouraged.

We are living in an age where smartphones have become instruments for creating monumental change for individuals, social groups, cultures and communities around the globe. It is estimated that this project alone could lead to 24,000 fewer hospital admissions in the region, 240,000 fewer bed days and save the NHS £60m.

Bitjam was created to be a part of this positive change. From geeking out combining music with technology to working with Australian healthcare providers on important projects, using technology for social good is at the forefront of what we do. Our work with the public sector, including healthcare, charities and education, continues to inspire us. We’ve learnt about so many issues that affect many people around the world on a daily basis and had the chance to brainstorm with some incredible people to create simple technological solutions.

It was great to be working alongside the main partners of an innovative piece of work to make an impact on enhancing patient care. For more information on the Smart with your Heart project please contact UHNM.

Information Leaflet – UHNM

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