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Digital Expert Provides Opportunity for Young People

August 25, 2015

Digital technology expert bITjAM has recently appointed two interns to reinforce its support of paid internship schemes. Keele University graduate, Bethany Steed will be reviewing bITjAM’s current marketing strategies and drawing up a new plan to help achieve business goals. Nora Biteniece, also a Keele University graduate, will be focusing on developing enterprise level cloud services for an upcoming edutech project. bITjAM is also working with local schools and colleges to help students develop workplace skills, such as time management and professional communication.

bITjAM is aware of the positive impact that hiring interns can have on small businesses and is keen to lead by example. Carl Plant, CEO of bITjAM was given the opportunity of being a junior engineer when he was younger and therefore sees the importance of investing in young people. ”Employing interns allows companies to take a look at themselves through a new eye. It also brings a level of curiosity that is essential for spotting in-house processes that have become ‘stale’ over time,” says Plant. “However, it’s important to allow interns to become embedded into the team, so they feel confident enough to review these procedures and suggest ways to improve efficiency and quality.”

“Working at bITjAM is giving me the opportunity to continuously improve valuable communication skills and teamwork in a completely different environment to university,” explains Steed. “I feel like bITjAM gives me enough responsibility to prepare me for full-time employment, whilst ensuring that I have the support needed to progress in my career.”

bITjAM is also working with college and university lecturers to give them regular industry exposure that they can pass on to students. bITjAM frequently provides young people with work experience placements and currently has two students working in-house.

If you’d like to find out more about bITjAM’s work placements and internship opportunities, get in touch on 07595692120 or e-mail Carl Plant at [email protected]

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