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Introducing Logga, Guru and Passport...

February 3, 2016

In 2016, we launch our dynamic timetabling and task management app Logga for schools, colleges and universities. We also have two apps currently in development that will be released as part of product app range; a new step in the way we provide digital solutions and technologies.

Here at bitjam we’re always looking for ways to improve how we do business whether it’s constantly updating our web presence or testing new technologies that help us communicate with our clients more effectively. As a part of this approach, we have begun to offer some of our services as scalable products which will be available commercially for private and public sectors.

This is breaking new ground for bitjam. We will still offer bespoke web and mobile technology solutions for business and organisations as sometimes a problem can only be solved by creating something unique and innovative. However by employing a commercial product model to the generation of mobile apps and cloud based solutions we create greater value gained from technology

Trialling, testing and installing apps in different environments allows us to understand and evaluate the technologies performance. We then bring it back to basics, reconfigure and adjust it, utilising what we have learned before releasing new updates and version upgrades. For example, we have already successfully trialled and released Logga in conjunction with our partners Stoke Sixth Form College with improvements in student attendance and attainment reported after the first semester of teaching.

It’s a great step forward to offer these products alongside our existing services which forms part of our mission to improve business and create a better society.

Here’s the list of our currently available and in-development apps:

LOGGA™ is real time timetable app that allows students and teachers to get the most out of education. It combines several features; a timetable, push message system, attendance and attainment graphs and homework task manager.

Passport™ is a skills management system that enables students, work placement employers and education providers to record a student’s skills development. Each student carries their skills and experiences via the mobile app to use in CVs, cover letters and interviews.

Guru™ is an educational app for museums and schools that accesses museum data archives and provides a learning environment, via tablets and web based platform, so students can learn about current and past exhibitions in real time.

If you are interested in LOGGA, Guru or Passport email [email protected] or give the office a call on 0161 8187025.

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