Realtime Neonatal transfer data system


Medtech Accelerator awarded funding to a real-time resource locator project with the Acute Neonatal Transfer Service (ANTS) Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

This project is a concept for a dynamic, cloud-based software platform with the ability to better share critical information in real-time between hospitals and acute care transfer teams, who are responsible for moving critically ill neonatal patients between hospital sites.

The Project

Through the use of monitors and smart devices, LocANTS will allow the transfer team to be able to clearly and effectively identify available resources, e.g.:

  • clinical parameters
  • team availability
  • real-time location
  • availability/type of cots/beds
  • available specialist equipment
  • updated traffic and weather conditions

The software also incorporates video conferencing that can be utilised from time of first call, between the referring unit treating the critically sick infant, ANTS clinical team and receiving unit where escalation as well as continuation of care is provided.

These factors will allow prompt and effective decision making, while helping to ensure a reduction in transfer time and increase in efficiency, leading to significantly safer transfer service.


Working on the development of this project in the middle of a pandemic has been a challenge, but we’ve been really pleased to see it through to the “proof of concept” testing phase with the hope that extra funding will be awarded to the innovative project.