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Logga Feature: Dashboard

September 16, 2016

In our last Logga post we gave a quick rundown on the new features that we’ve built into our 2.0 release.; full customisation options, an online push messenger for teachers and progress visualisations on the dashboard. Over the next couple of blog posts we want to highlight the variety of features Logga incorporates and explain how it can help to transform the way education is delivered across a range of institutions.

The digital transformation of public services is becoming an increasingly important topic of debate and key to that process is collaborating with both providers and end service users to develop the technology necessary. Recently, The Government’s Strategy to Support Workforce Excellence in Further Education, published in July 2014, asked the question how to effectively develop modern technologies and integrate them into education settings as a way to support teaching delivery.

In 2015, we developed Logga in partnership with Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College. We worked closely with cohort of their students to understand, from their perspective, what features they would find most useful in an educational app. Chief amongst their needs was a way for them to view messages, upcoming tasks and overall attainment at a glance. We decided that using a dashboard hub, which can be updated regularly, was the solution to the problem.

Feature #1 Dashboard

Data Dashboard

Our intention when developing the dashboard was to create a space where learners can be presented with clear visual information which displays their current performance. The same information allows teachers to focus on the areas that the learner needs to improve upon and this shared focus strengthens the communication between the two. Dashboard pushes students to take more responsibility for their own learning by encouraging independent target meeting.

At a Glance

Overall, the strength of the feature is the ability to consolidate many streams of data and present them to the user in an “at a glance” manner. The concept of dashboard is not new and many successful social media apps use such a feature to show users who’s got in contact with them or how many unread messages they have in their inbox. So we’ve used this concept to  integrate our data dashboard with a feature that learners will be accustomed to.


Through it’s initial tests and subsequent release, Logga has helped to narrow the achievement gap between learners improving overall retention through features like dashboard. Giving students a summarised glance at tasks they need to complete, the results of their last mock exam or when their next class will be, has helped them schedule their time at college and gives them a better learning experience.

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