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Logga version 2.0 released

March 15, 2016

Since its launch Logga has really come into its own. We’ve had great feedback from Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College on its current format and most recently, we pushed mock exam results via Logga to over 70% of learners within the student body.

The next step is to improve on what we’ve built so far and we’ve got some pretty exciting features lined up to make the teacher/student link even more effective.

From its first trials through to its daily use, it has been reported that Logga has been a crucial component in the improved attendance and retention in learners at Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form. We have also learnt that the task manager and planner features of Logga have made a positive difference in the way learners organise their time around their study and users have shown improved attainment overall.

Moving on from this success, we want to make Logga more accessible to all education providers and as such we are making it more customisable.

Customisation features in Logga

We recognise that educational institutions vary in their requirements for the service including the look of the app plus what information is provided to students. Logga will now feature the ability for providers to add contact and support details, own logos and colour palettes to match branding schemes. We are determined that Logga is able to be seamlessly installed into a working educational environment suiting the needs of individual schools, colleges and universities.

Push tasks and messages from teachers

We also want to make the communication between teacher and student in Logga more fluid, building on the existing time management and dynamic timetabling features. In the forthcoming updates, we have now developed a teacher admin area so it will possible for teachers to push messages and tasks to learners which will be added to their planners.

Progress dashboard and graphs

Finally, new updates to Logga will feature the ability to push any data into the dashboard graphs which will displayed on the front page. We understand the need for students to quickly view how they are progressing in their education and that mobile dashboards are regularly used by young people in their lives. The type of progress data can be selected by the education providers and not fixed.

We have much more in store for this platform, so to keep up-to-date with all the latest releases and updates follow @logga_support on twitter and @bitjam for news on other projects we’re working on.

You can also visit here for more details on Logga or contact us via email to discuss the service.

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