B Corps application

9 Oct, 2019

B Corporation: Application stage

Here at the Smart Innovation Hub we are looking to the future and using our expertise in business as a force for good.

Bitjam has strong ethical values and we are adept at utilising technology for social good. That’s why we are in the process of applying for B Corps certification. B Corp status is described as being the business equivalent to the Fair Trade certification for goods

The B Corp community works toward reduced inequality, lower levels of poverty, a healthier environment, stronger communities, and the creation of more high quality jobs with dignity and purpose.

B Corps

We are in the process of completing the rigorous questions on how our company interacts with workers, customers, community, and environment. 

We believe the invest we are making into the application will shine a light on what we do and what we stand for as a company. Our commitment towards improving society and the environment remains strong and working together with Keele University and being based within the Keele Smart energy network demonstrator (SEND) will help us to continually improve.

The combination of third-party validation, public transparency, and legal accountability help Certified B Corps build trust and value. B Corp Certification is administered by the non-profit B Lab. For more information please visit their website.


Office move: Keele Smart Innovation Hub

9 Oct, 2019

The team at Bitjam Ltd has been busy recently, we are excited to have moved into the new offices of the Smart innovation Hub at Keele Science Park. 

We were privileged to be selected as one of the first select group of businesses to relocate into the new Hub, giving us the unique opportunity to grow our business and benefit from collaborations with leading academics, talented students, and other like-minded businesses.

“As a software research and development company we want to make new partnerships and expand existing relationships. The Science Park has not only given us access to University expertise, but also a network of like-minded companies.”

Carl Plant, Managing Director, Bitjam Ltd

Funded by Staffordshire County Council the Smart Innovation Hub is a brand new multi-million pound start-of-the-art landmark building housing modern business accommodation and innovative support.

Bitjam Ltd are now expanding innovation services through the access we have to the Keele Deal and the Keele Business Gateway, to reach our full potential with the aim of growing a positive culture of innovation and research within the region.

Read more about the Keele Deal and the £70 million fund for economic growth. We are proud to be part of this mammoth economic tranformation of our local area of North Staffordshire.

We will be continuing our exciting innovation work on digital health projects and using our expertise to step into the area of satellite technology, starting with our own satellite tracking station.

We’d love to show you around the shiny new office, contact Carl at Bitjam for a meeting.

Digital Skills

Partnerships: Keele Business Bridge

4 Jul, 2019

Based at Keele Science and Innovation Park, Bitjam works with clients all over the world. But we do love working with those on our doorstep and Keele Business Bridge has been instrumental in helping us along the way. Bitjam is proud to be one of their specialist suppliers.

Science and Innovation Park – Keele University

Local eligible businesses, with Healthcare and Medical technology ideas but without the resources to put it into action, can apply to Keele Business Bridge for an Innovation Voucher of up to £6000 for their innovative ideas to be matched with a relevant supplier and the voucher exchanged for services. Allowing many different business sectors to succeed in this market. Part-funded through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the England 2014 to 2020 European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) Growth Programme.


Bitjam has recently been working on an exciting, transformative app with Dr GV Reddy. 

As a Staffordshire based ENT surgeon, experienced General Practitioner and entrepreneur running GVR Products, Dr Reddy approached Business Bridge for funding for the ‘Reddyscope’. 

Bitjam has been working with him directly to create an Android and iOS app which links to a lens adaptor. Dr Reddy’s invention, allows clinicians to attach a lens adaptor to a smartphone. This opens the app, takes a photo or video of the patient (ears, eyes etc) and adds the patient EMISS number, saving this in the app. They can then share this entry with colleagues via WhatsApp or email. The clinician can then delete old entries. This speeds up diagnostics and encourages collaboration between clinicians.  

We have worked closely with Dr Reddy on the research and development of the app design, prototyping, logo, branding and testing, giving him our technical expertise with Business Bridge scheme funding.

Edith: Simple Telehealth

Bitjam is proud to be working with Simple Telehealth on another of their revolutionary SMS based clinical systems. Edith is the sister project to Nellie (Australia) and Florence (UK), first developed in 2008. 

Telehealth doesn’t come much better than these widely used applications. Based on a simple premise of a chatbot any patient with a standard mobile phone can use the unique, low cost and simple system. The patient is sent a reminder message to track readings for weight, blood pressure, temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. Its fully customisable by the clinician and can measure a wide variety of data. These systems are speeding up healthcare processes, allowing clinicians and patients to interact and communicate easily. 

Telehealth is extremely powerful. Adopting cutting edge technology to deliver health-related services and information, it allows the NHS to care for a larger amount of people in their own homes and therefore reduce GP visits and hospital admissions, possibly saving £2 billion in the longer term. It can be used to help diabetic patients, the elderly population, those with obesity, mental health recovery, the list goes on. Many people are finding it of use because it is  “Telehealth with a human touch”.

  • Patients aren’t tied to a machine at home or visits to surgery or hospital. They take readings at their convenience whether at home with family or on holiday.  
  • Regular, personalised health tips and medication reminders are sent to patients based on their readings. They become more involved and take more responsibility for their own healthcare.
  • Frequent, short messages are unobtrusive and help the patient feel more cared for, more involved, and more in control of their own healthcare.

These three siblings, Edith, Nellie and Florence are leading the way in helping patients manage their own health, and we are delighted with the social impact this is making. SMS and chatbot technologies have proven to enable positive behaviour changes.

Our modern secure software design is being used with Simple Telehealth evidence-based methodology, through further funding from Keele Business Bridge.

For further information on these telehealth projects and the launch of Edith, keep an eye on our Twitter account @bitjam. You might also be interested in SIMPLE TELEHEALTH: NELLIE.

To find out more, contact Carl at Bitjam. For Keele Business Bridge information please see their website.