If you’re looking to innovate or improve your product or service efficiency, but time and resources are holding you back, outsourcing your project is a very effective way of getting started.

Maybe you have existing services that need modernising to a more efficient, cloud-based platform or need help to develop brand new ways of working. Perhaps you’re unsure of how to take the idea beyond concept or want to be in a better position to apply for funding.

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Our Expertise

Bitjam has both theoretical and technical experience providing varying software solutions to many public sector organisations including healthcare and education. We aim to provide technology for social good, so our preference is to select projects that aim to improve current ways of providing care and assistance to end users who need it most.

Bitjam was born from recognising an opportunity to provide tech services for public sector use, as our director Carl Plant originated as an NHS practitioner. The challenges of developing tech within an NHS environment and his background in building tech and software solutions inspired him to launch Bitjam. Our experiences are therefore contextualised – especially within healthcare – and our team can work technically within that context. We understand obstacles such as the day-to-day operation and BAU that can prevent an innovative solution in any organisation from ever getting off the ground, as we have experience of being able to work in partnership with very busy people. We practice agile working so we don’t disrupt your day.

Efficient Ways of Working

We can support your journey in transitioning from existing, perhaps outmoded services, to better ways of working as we have a lot of experience using co-production and agile development techniques to maximise communication and minimise disruption. This can often be the most daunting part of developing and moving a company forward, as it requires streamlined management and time that perhaps the organisation doesn’t have. To find out more about our preference for these techniques you can read our news story here.

Who We Want To Help

As previously mentioned, our director Carl’s NHS background gave him an exclusive insight in to the real innovators in healthcare: NHS clinicians. The ones who are on the frontline of patient communication. The ones who are rolling up their sleeves and discovering areas in patient care that can be improved with a simple idea. The ones who are using their own time outside of a hectic work schedule to do the research and find solutions to common issues. We recognise that some of the best healthcare or education entrepreneurs are the ones who are very busy.

Bitjam want to work in partnership with innovators who want to use technology for social good. We always approach a project with scaleability in mind, and as our tagline says “develop technology from small ideas to global growth”.

What You Can Expect From Bitjam

We understand that working to a deadline is pivotal to the success of outsourcing. We’ve connected with countries around the globe using the techniques describe to make communication as efficient as possible, and use these experiences to meet your expectations no matter where you’re based.

We’ll guide you through commercial exploitation and the management of your intellectual property to ensure the outsourced project continues to meet your aims and goals beyond the finished product or service.

We can assist with training, consultation and change management to ensure a seamless transition to an improved service or the development of a brand new one which will save you time, and ultimately money.

Discover More

Please head to “Our Work” to discover our portfolio of previous and current projects, and “News” to follow our latest digi-health and other tech stories. You can also read more specifically about our healthcare R&D services here.

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