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Peace of Mind

May 10, 2016


bITjAM worked with North Staffs Mind and the MACCAS project to develop a way of using mobile technology to help young people manage mental distress. The solution had to provide a more accessible service that was designed in a way that young people would find it easy use whenever they needed support.


We created a web app that would be accessible through all types of smartphone. The app provides essential information and contact details of help that can be called upon at any hour of the day. The content of the app is written in a way that helps young people understand quickly and easily how they can make sense of a situation and manage how they feel, whatever their circumstances. An example of the information available on the app relates to anxiety and how to have a better understanding of what it is and what causes someone to feel anxious. The app also includes links to the local services that are available to provide further support.


Research shows that 43% of young people still fear the stigma attached to mental health issues. We hope our app and bringing in digital technology can relieve this in some way, as it provides young people a personal route into seeking help, starting from the relative safety of their own phone.