Realtime voting software
Voting app and realtime data dashboard

Uprising UK


May 2015




During the 2015 general elections we were commissioned by Uprising UK to develop a real-time voting app and data dashboard for 11 simultaneous live events based on the BBC question time format
Bitjam developed an app and a centralised data management system which published the voting information on data dashboards for each of the 11 Cities across the UK. The app allowed audiences across the UK to vote on specific topics such as immigration, health and the environment during synchronised debates leading up to the general elections.

The Project

Bitjam developed a web app that allowed young people to vote whether they agreed or disagreed with politicians on topics discussed at events, in real-time. The voters were given technology that allowed them to vote whether they thought a topic was relevant or not.

Bitjam chose this project as it offered an opportunity to use technology with a social impact, as it gave the users a platform in which to share their voice and opinions on issues that directly affected them.


Over 1200 young people were involved in the evening engaging with over 30 politicians on key political topics. The technology and design of the system meant that reactions to the political discourse was instantaneous and insightful.

The voting app became a key project for Bitjam as it was an opportunity to fuse technology with significant social events, that provided young people with a way to anonymously convey their thoughts and opinions to political figures.

Client Testimonials

“Bitjam bring a quality and standard to the projects they work on. For this campaign they inspired young people through innovative and creative uses that made it relevant to them”.

YMCA – Nicky Twemlow, Uprising UK