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Beable Project

Improving the Patient-Clinician Relationship with Technology


Combined Healthcare & NHS Trust


One of our more recent projects, in partnership with Combined Healthcare and NHS Trust, is BeAble – a post-discharge system designed to improve patient-clinician relationships and the promotion of patient wellbeing when faced with the challenge of co-morbidity.

Combined Healthcare realise that many long-term sick patients aren’t simply somebody with one condition – they tend to have a number of health areas that they would like to manage better. This can be a frustrating experience for the patient, as often the information is not readily available, and they might also have to deal with polypharmacy if they are being passed to different services. It’s equally as challenging for the clinician, as they lack the time and resource to give the patient the full care they require.

Bitjam have been approached to build two parts to a post-discharge system. A mobile app for the patient plus an administrative web platform for clinicians. This platform has been designed to create and hold a library of supportive content specific to the patient plus an overview of their treatment plan, their goals and activities that’s accessible by both patient and clinician.

We created a prototype version, using co-production ways of working that include user testing to create a collaborative eco-system in which all parties involved in the project receive a balanced “give and get”.


At the heart of BeAble is the idea of supporting patients who might be between many services or post discharge with the need to provide relapse-prevention support, to ensure patients are receiving quality and accurate care.

BeAble will have a number of core features, including a library of specific information and intervention suggestions for clinicians, written in a way that patients will understand.

The library will also provide the clinician with ideas for therapeutic activities to encourage a more active and independent patient.

As well as the Patients having their care plan accessible from their mobile phones, future plans involve having the ability to connect with other technologies such as Amazon Alexa and Google Fit, enhancing the user experience by linking with apps that are useful to managing their ongoing conditions.

At Bitjam we’re experts with Application Programming Interfaces. Therefore the BeAble database is being built in a modular way so we can easily bring in other existing systems to talk to it. Certain API’s have the flexibility of language to talk to each other. The database has 3 different sections:

The entire database has to be highly secure and data protected, so we’ll be using individual encryption on all the separate sections.

The clinician side is built with an in-home design tool kit and php. We have a set of tools that talk to a database to make it quicker to interact with common operations. We chose php because it’s stable, secure, and implemented in different destinations.

The mobile app is React Native – developed by Facebook – which gives us a big aim as it’s written using code that is known to most web developers. When it’s ready it’s deployed to a native code to iOS or android which gives flexibility as it’s code we all know and can use on any platforms.


Issues such as poly-pharmacy can be tackled using a service like BeAble, to decrease the chance of patient relapse-prevention. Medications management demands attention at clinical level as it can threaten rather than improve a patient’s wellbeing if it’s not managed effectively.

Technologies such as BeAble are indicative of the technological evolution in healthcare, as they can ensure best practice in areas such as medication management and enhanced self care which are fundamental to independent living with multiple long term conditions.

The long term plan is to explore integration with existing services and provide both patient and clinician with more seamless digital tools.

Using the evidence we’ve gathered so far during the discovery phase of he R&D cycle and development of a prototype, we’re now able to evolve BeAble in to the next phase of the project and continue to create a service that will help strengthen the relationship and trust between clinician and patients living with multiple illnesses.