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Simple Telehealth Technologies

SMS and chatbot technologies in healthcare


Nellie® is an SMS-based system for promoting patient self-care, underpinned by Simple Telehealth methodology.

The brief involved developing a clinical system that manages a number of complex background processes, so that the users of the system – namely clinicians and patients – can interact and communicate with simplicity. We built the system with security as a key feature to ensure patient confidentiality, as well as considering the integration of third party technologies with scalability in mind.

The project was deployed in Australia, therefore we had the opportunity to further develop our ability to work and communicate with end users where there was a large time difference, ensuring deadlines were still met on time and communication was a priority.

The Project

The Nellie system is designed for clinicians, by clinicians. It allows Doctors and Nurses to work togetherto manage the sending and receiving of messages to patients. Social impact is at the forefront of Nellie, with SMS and chatbot technologies enabling positive behaviour changes.

Due to the breadth of features in the system we took a co-production/agile approach with the main client and groups representing the end users of the system. Once this was achieved we ran a clinical evaluation process before final deployment.

The system needed to cope with scale, so we used agile methodology and our experience with scalable technologies to ensure the project was productive and efficiently developed, and resulted in a highly resilient, responsive system. To ensure launch success in other countries, we applied our experiences of global partnership to communicate this project effectively.


We created a highly resilient, responsive system by working with existing Simple Telehealth methodology to develop the technology. The system creates best practice healthcare, advice and patient education, improved engagement and adherence and better and faster clinical outcomes.

The technologies we have developed now means the system is capable of being expanded internationally and scaling up to reach a wider end user.

The Nellie project is a demonstration of the ways in which technology can be utilised for social good – values that are weaved throughout our work at Bitjam.