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You’ve got an idea for a digital health app or service, and now it needs innovation too.

Perhaps you’re unsure of how to take the idea beyond concept or want to be in a better position to apply for funding.

At Bitjam, we have both the theoretical and technical experience necessary to take your digital health project from idea to fruition. We’ll guide you through commercial exploitation and the management of your intellectual property.

Bitjam understand good practice in digital health. We are unique because we’re a research-experienced software solutions company with a history in NHS frontline healthcare. Our director Carl Plant originated as an NHS practitioner, with a background in developing technology and software applications.

Bitjam was born from recognising the opportunity to provide a healthcare tech service that has first-hand experience with the challenges of developing tech within the NHS.

Our R&D service offers idea assessment from experienced clinical informaticians, user research and co-production. We focus on early stage design and development plus testing and evaluation. This means that you can develop your idea into a workable prototype, quickly and efficiently, and with scalability in mind, increasing your chance of additional funding and actual launch. Typically, each project will go through a number of R&D stages, called a “Research Cycle”.

Bitjam limited, software development service


Our team of digital healthcare and software solutions experts have experience in varied public sectors and understand the day-to-day challenges and opportunities in their field of work. Our role is to understand in detail what is required from a technology solution to enable project success, based on a thorough understanding of the user journey and your own aims and goals.

Bitjam limited, software development service

We work in partnership with clients and stakeholders to research and develop innovative solutions


Public sector services work most effectively when they are designed to suit user needs, therefore considering the entire user journey means creating products that reflect the way users think about or use them. This means accounting for users who need help and encouragement using your digital service, by providing user support, something we pride ourselves on at Bitjam.

To help us understand the user journey, we work in partnership with clients and stakeholders to research and develop innovative solutions that meet your needs.

We adopt co-production and agile development in our R&D methods to ensure each project runs smoothly and that all collaborators are equally involved in the process.


Based on our findings during the discovery and user research stages, we aim to develop a prototype that serves as a workable demonstrator. This is a key stage as it offers the first opportunity to take the original ideas and trial with real end-users such as patients, staff, NHS employees.

Bitjam limited, software development service

We continuously gather data as the R&D phase progresses, to improve your service


We provide a highly flexible and interactive approach to design solutions which get visible results quickly. We work side-by-side with you through each cycle of development and testing to ensure that the software solution matches, and in most cases, exceeds the initial project requirements.


We continuously gather data as the R&D phase progresses, to improve your service. We use methods such as measuring, reporting, analytics tools and techniques to ensure your project is on course to meeting your objectives.


The product or software is deployed to key stakeholders or persons agreed by you and your partners. It is continuously tested, redesigned, and retested using feedback from users, to ensure the end product matches or exceeds the project requirements. Thus, giving your project the best chance of securing further support and investment.


Working with international clients and partners on large scale projects has given Bitjam experience in researching and using innovative technology, allowing us to “start small, think big” when it comes to developing projects with scalability in mind.

Innovative digital health solutions need to make the right choice of technology to be able to scale. Cloud technologies such as Amazon AWS, Google services, Microsoft Azure provide scalable solutions that meet the needs of your service in a secure and safe manner and provide the foundation on which to scale effectively. We’ll help you to choose the right technology for your project development, that combines integration, hosting, testing, security and maintenance.


We understand that taking your digital health idea to reality is not easy because we’ve been there. But we’re an agile digital health company who prefer to develop projects with scalability in mind. Our technique is to work to a realistic budget, starting small and evolving using our experiences with scalability once the product or service is proven valuable.

We pride ourselves on standing side-by-side with you to assist with accurate and realistic decision-making. We are an approachable team (the kettle is always on!) and we are happy to help you circumnavigate any issues effectively using our insight and experiences with the NHS.

You can find out more about our previous projects on our PORTFOLIO page, or to discuss your project or idea, you can contact us on email or call us on +44 (0)1782 454304.

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