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Realtime Voting App

May 13, 2015


UpRising held the National Youth Debate in eleven cities for young people to interact with local politicians. bITjAM were asked to create a way to use technology to encourage young people to use their voice in preparation for the 2015 General Election.


We built a data dashboard for each city and created a phone app corresponding to each dashboard which allowed attendees to answer preset questions straight from their smartphone. The data collected was instantly displayed on the dashboard showing real time data visualisations of young peoples opinions on politics and how these opinions have changed throughout the duration of the evening.


The data from the dashboards showed that 736 young people engaged with the questions, 4900 question responses, 327 social media register responses and the event’s hashtag, #myvoicemyvote, was Twitter trending in the UK for 46 minutes. A positive response and a great start for the youth voice for the Election!