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Santander Universities Partnership

December 5, 2019

Bitjam will be showcasing our Santander-Keele intern success story on 10th December at the Smart Innovation Hub, at the ‘Celebrating Keele Talent’ event.

Carl, Liam and Klaudia will be on hand to discuss all things Santander Universities and how it has fast-tracked Liam into a permanent role within the company and given Klaudia the opportunity to research accessibility for the visually impaired community within the NHS.

Bitjam limited, software development service

Keele University has been running successful internship schemes for a number of years, placing hundreds of students and graduates into businesses.

Eligible companies can benefit from this service free-of-charge, as Santander pays for half of the interns’ wages.

An internship is beneficial for both the intern and the hosting company. For the student (or graduate), they can gain important workplace skills and experience, whilst it is an excellent way for companies to add fresh talent to their workforce for short-term projects.

Keele University graduate, Liam, started as a Santander intern on a Software Developer placement. He was offered a permanent position within the team on completion of the internship. Liam has been an integral part of the team since day one. His professional and hard-working outlook

Liam worked with Klaudia, on a project funded by Santander to allow equal opportunities. Together they tested the ‘Nellie’ telehealth software. Klaudia is a visually impaired student and in this project took on the role of user, with Liam demonstrating the functionality.

Edith software demo: Klaudia and Liam

Klaudia was also able to complete a piece of research for Bitjam which was very useful to see the world of NHS through the perspective of a patient with additional needs. Klaudia’s evaluation of digital and physical NHS services, allowed her to produce three white papers on her findings and recommendations for NHS service providers, which have been published on Bitjam’s blog.

For more information on the Santander-Keele partnership check out the Santander Universities website.

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