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Staffs Live

March 13, 2015


Staffordshire University asked bITjAM to redesign the Staffs Live website with the aim of turning it into a single news source that covers all six towns of Stoke-on-Trent. The challenge we faced with this project was consolidating the masses of data from five separate systems into one cohesive newsroom that would enable staff to train students in journalism.


We developed a bespoke programme, accessible on multiple platforms, to enable the data to be merged from previous systems into a customised Wordpress platform. We also developed an online newsroom as well as establishing an appraisal system to better mimic the training and administrative processes within the University. The site also included a training site to enable safe development before using the ‘live’ site.


Currently, the site is averaging around 1,800 hits per day, however when higher profile news emerges, the hits rocket to the 25,000 region. When big news stories emerged, Staffs Live was reaching over 3000 people a day, increasing the sites traffic and interaction by approximately 150% as well as reporting on the stories faster than other local news outlets.