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Using Infographics to Understand Cybercrime

October 13, 2015

bITjAM will use its design and programming skills to disseminate the results of a SUCCEED research project that aims to educate the general public on cybercrime. bITjAM will be creating and distributing infographics on behalf of the project team, which is being led by Staffordshire University, in collaboration with Newcastle University. The Midlands based company is hoping to educate public and private sector entities on how to minimise acts of terrorism and cybercrime across the UK.

The scale of the project means the information collected will be complex and multifaceted. bITjAM’s data to intelligence service makes data more accessible, understandable and usable, enabling businesses to make informed decisions in relation to cybercrime and terrorism threats.

bITjAM’s efforts will also focus on digital engagement with organisations across the sectors most affected by cybercrime and terrorism. This involves working alongside the project’s web developers to maximise the use of the project website.

The SUCCEED project is currently in its first phase, which aims to acquire the views of employers, particularly those working in the provision of systems supporting national critical infrastructure. Four full afternoon workshops have been organised with the goal of identifying the key threats employees should be aware of, as well as the digital skills required to deal with said threats.

“Our role in the project is to design data visualisations that share the findings in an appealing and clear way for management and staff alike,” explains Carl Plant, CEO of bITjAM. “Many employers have extremely busy schedules, so they don’t have time to read through a full research report. However, it is still important for them to be aware of the dangers and to take safety measures.

“The threat of cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure is a global concern,” continues Plant. “There is a major risk to services such as electricity and gas, schools and hospitals, railways and airports caused by deliberate sabotage and terrorist attacks. bITjAM is working with SUCCEED to make people aware of existing threats.”

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