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Our enthusiastic and experienced software design and development team are on hand to guide you through the implementation and management of your bespoke software, using agile methodology.

As an ethical BCorp company with the user at the forefront of our mind all our software is co-produced from the ground up.

Web Development

We offer web development services, using secure technologies. However unique your requirements are, we have the knowledge, skill and experience to deliver.

All our websites are created in responsive design, ensuring your website delivers a user-friendly experience across all mobile devices.

Big Data

Whether you need an integrated data visualization dashboard or an AI powered data service, we can help you to achieve better performance through data. Identifying and capturing the most value and meaningful insights allows you to improve your project or business with your Big Data solution.

Mobile applications (Android & iOS)

We develop bespoke mobile applications and manage the entire lifecycle on behalf of our clients.

Cloud based services

We are a specialist provider, offering tailor made Cloud computing solutions that are fast, affordable and scaled to your exact business requirements.

Hosting, maintenance and support

We provide tailored hosting and Devops services, so you can get your product delivered online and maintained by our expert team.


We work with innovators, researchers, SME’s, students and healthcare trusts worldwide, consulting on how to get the best out of digital solutions.

Technology consultation

We review designs for new products and digital services, budget planning, database designing, decisions on which technologies to use.


We are experienced in technology research and development working with researchers through partnerships and consortia (link to research page).

Grant applications

We can help to apply for technology grants, advising you through the application lifecycle.


We help to define your specific regulatory needs, combining our technical and clinical expertise, with industry knowledge.

User research

Through our partnership and collaboration with Keele University’s Science and Innovation Hub, Keele Business school, as well as the University’s Research Institutes, we provide services including alpha and beta phase user research.

With a high quality user base available to us we are able to carry out usability and accessibility research and testing throughout our projects.