Software research and development
We design and build software applications used in healthcare, education and business

Software and mobile application development


Bitjam is a leading software solutions company who have expertise in developing global solutions in healthcare, education and business. From design to production, Bitjam provide research and development services to help you launch web and mobile applications to scale.

Working with international clients and partners on large scale projects has meant that Bitjam have adopted efficient ways of working such as co-production and agile development, as well as researching and using innovative technology that allows us to “start small, think big” when it comes to developing projects with scalability in mind.

At Bitjam we’ve familiarised ourselves with more efficient ways of working and improved technology so that starting small but building to a big scale is an option right away.

Bitjam draws on extensive experience working in collaboration with governmental and international partners to develop bespoke software solutions for clients, using better ways of working.