We design technology solutions that improve business and create a better society.

We aim to inspire and transform how the Business, Arts and Educational communities use technology to achieve their goals by researching, designing and creating exciting new products and services that provide a positive impact on their organisations to learn, grow and develop.

Look at some of our projects to get a better idea of what we create and run.

Past projects

Digital design

We are digital developers and designers for the web, mobile, tablet and large public displays.

We design:

  • Websites and applications
  • Educational or consultation toolkits
  • elearning products
  • Digital guidebooks and interactive ebooks
  • Museum interactive installations
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Business innovation

Clients hire us to improve their profitability through research and development of technology based products and services.

We work closely with businesses researching, designing and refining our digital products and services to maximise the value for the client.

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Customer experience

Clients come back to us because we focus strongly on working in collaboration and combined with our product design leads to exceptional customer experience.

We understand how to create solutions that solve problems for a wide range of people.

Through this approach we create the right products for clients and provide a great customer experience.

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Interactive guidebooks

We create apps, ebooks and web widgets for a range of settings from schools to the renewable energy sector.

This can be in the form of digitised tours, guides and promotional material that fits your needs.

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Data visualisation

We specialise in working with data and the visualisation of datum, including developing information dashboards and interactive data application.

Our data work has proved time and again to increase insights for better decision making for clients.

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iBeacon technologies

We are now developing with the new Bluetooth Beacon technologies.

These offer location-aware and context-aware engagement with customers and audiences for museums, retail industries and other small to medium enterprises.

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Featured Works

Staffordshire University

The challenge

We were commissioned to design online courses for the Creative Communities Unit at Staffordshire University. This project required a deep understanding of the University's course requirements as well as understanding the needs of today's student.

What we did

The project involved developing online courses, introducing a range of interactive technologies to promote and engage students. In addition, we enabled the team to start publishing their own ebooks using technologies we built into a bespoke platform.

The Outcome

The results have been incredible. The University department can now engage a wider number of learners and are considered the "go to" department for leading on innovative ways to implement eLearning.

What the client said

We've vastly improved our online courses and the way we use digital technology in our work. You achieved all of the objectives and targets set out in the brief. Thank you bITjAM.
Nic Gratton (Senior Lecturer Staffordshire University)

  • We’ve vastly improved our online courses and the way we use digital technology in our work. You achieved all of the objectives and targets set out in the brief. Thank you bITjAM.


    Nic Gratton
    Nic Gratton
    Senior Lecturer
  • Moving from dense data to meaningful, accessible knowledge is often one of the biggest challenges in research projects. bITjAM’s ideas and technical abilities mean that data can be represented in new and insightful ways. From qualitative to quantitative data sets, bITjAM can represent data through fantastic visuals whilst communicating core findings of the data being shown.

  • bITjam have been fantastic to work with; full of ideas and technical expertise; finding solutions and trying new things to get the best possible result. We are really pleased with the suite of iBook ‘digital guidebooks’ they have developed for us as part of our offer to visitors at Newman Brothers Coffin Works in Birmingham. They have a flexible, adaptable approach, are full of fun and enthusiasm and I would be pleased to work with them again

    Dr Suzanne Carter
    Dr Suzanne Carter
    Development Officer Birmingham Conservation Trust
  • I’m delighted to see the bITjAM Innovation Qube being launched in Stoke-on-Trent. It offers a great opportunity for young people who are interested in technology and design the chance to exchange ideas and experiences, use cutting-edge technologies – like 3D printers and virtual reality sets – and learn how to turn their interests and hobbies into productive, useful projects.

    Rob Flello
    Rob Flello
    Member of Parliamant
  • This looks like a really exciting initiative. The guys at bITjAM are pioneering innovation and creativity. That’s what’s demanded of our rapidly changing economy. It’s great that they’re reaching out to young people offering them support to develop the skills that they need for their future careers.

    Tristram Hunt
    Tristram Hunt
    Shadow Secretary of State for Education
  • It’s fun. It’s also been really helpful and taught me how to use things like circuits.

    Lucy (13)
    Lucy (13)
    Birches Head Academy pupil
  • This is a genuine materials science question and a long way from the tradition of teaching STEM using egg boxes and straws!

    Sarah Williams
    Sarah Williams
    Deputy Head Birches Head Academy
  • Their infectious energy inspires the people they work with to explore new ideas and new social technologies.

    Clare-Marie White
    Clare-Marie White
  • The pupils have taken to the hacklab brilliantly. We want children to question technology and think deeply about the future of ICT. We want them to recognise that the pace of technological change is incredible and that they can be part of that.

    Karen Healey
    Karen Healey
    Birches Head Academy Head