Software research and development
We design and build software applications used in healthcare, education and business

Software and mobile application development

Bitjam is a leading software solutions company with expertise in developing and commercialising global solutions in healthcare, education and business.

From concept to deployment, Bitjam provide research and development services to help you launch web, mobile and IoT systems to scale. At Bitjam, we have both the theoretical and technical experience necessary to take your digital project from idea to fruition.

Creating Technology for Social Good

We choose projects that we feel reflect our own core values – fusing technology and ethics to create social impact. Due to our preference for choosing projects that have a public benefit, we’ve become an experienced partner with public sector institutions and international Higher Education Institutes (HEI’s).

Working with international clients and partners on large scale projects has meant that Bitjam have adopted efficient ways of working such as co-production and agile development, as well as researching and using innovative technology that allows us to “start small, think big” when it comes to developing projects with scalability in mind. From developing more effective clinical digital systems to interactive tour guides for museums and public spaces, we use co-production techniques and the agile approach.

Our expertise lies in working in partnership to harness data and technology that improves decision-making and communication. We ensure that our partners are assisted from the research stage of any project right through to post-deployment, guiding organisations through budget and deadline control, to the management of their intellectual property.